Centrepieces & more ... Styled by Anne




Martini Vases

These are great in adding that touch of elegance to your event. They stand at 2 feet tall and make room for conversations across the table. They can be filled with pretty much anything- from fresh or silk flowers to floating Candles.


Lily Vases

These slender beauties add that touch of elegance to any table. They stand tall like a gazelle and come in a choice of heights from 40- 100cm high. These are very popular and look great with a spray of lily flowers or Ostrich feathers.


Conical Vases

Conical or trumpet vases are great for getting a really elaborate centrepiece because not only can you have your flowers at the top, you can fill vase with lots of exciting stuff- try fresh fruit, fish, pebbles or orchids. These definitely give off the wow factor!


Fish bowls / tanks

Small detailed centrepieces can be created using this range of short vases especially for your top table. We not need any talk piece obstructing the view of your guests as all eyes will be on the bride and groom. Fish bowls are great for their versatility. With these, we are spoilt for choice as to what to fill them with! You can have pretty much anything in them. The larger the better!



O for the love of Candles! For me, nothing speaks more elegance and grace better than a well-dressed Candelabra. Although very traditional to some, candelabras are still classy and definitely speak volumes. Along with other variations, we have the Crystal globes which are new and making waves. The perfect candelabra could be dressed with flowers and draped in crystals and pearls and would look absolutely stunning


Wishing trees

As an alternative to wedding guest book, why not try out these wishing trees. They come with tags in various colours and styles to match your theme. Guests can write out their wedding wishes to the couple and hang them on, they make for a lovely and interesting display. These pictures give an idea of the variations we can come up with.


Cylinder Vases


Hurricane Vases


Large Wine Glasses

Crystal centrepieces

Crystal Centrepieces